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Uncle Clyde's has been making hot off the grill barbecue for over 30 years. Uncle Clyde believes in using a hot fire, slow cooking and his own high quality seasoning rubs and gourmet sauces.

A career marketing executive, Uncle Clyde would occasionally barbecue at company events. This led to numerous weekend events serving hot off the grill barbecue. This was the beginning of Uncle Clyde's Gourmet BBQ and BBQ Products.

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Uncle Clyde's Sauces

This is a collection of all of our delicious homemade sauces. 

Uncle Clyde's Seasonings

This is a collection of all of our flavorful seasonings. 

  • Doug

    This sauce is some of the best I've ever had and I'm in compettition grilling!

  • Sarah L.

    This sauce taste so good you can drink it!

  • Tim

    My kids loves this gold dust seasoning, it makes everything taste amazing.

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